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As the descendants of Hinerupe, we are Ngāti Porou.

Our homeland stretches across the most easterly region of the North Island and runs north along the coast from Te Toka-a-Taiau at Gisborne, to Pōtikirua, where you can continue you journey towards Opotiki. Our homeland is the most easterly region of Ngati Porou.

Whetumatarau is our sacred mountain and the Awatere river is our Mauri (life force).

Our name is derived from our ancestor Porourangi, whose descendants were great warriors who established our tribe’s territories in the East Coast and Gisborne regions.

Hinerupe Marae is the Mother Marae

Hinerupe Marae is the mother marae in the Te Araroa area and was tragically burnt to the ground on April 13th, 1996.

After five years of loss and grief, a newly resurrected Hinerupe Marae restored pride and place during Easter 2002.

With its root seeped in culture and community, Hinerupe Marae is our Tūrangawaewae – a place to stand where we feel strong and at home. Haere Mai, welcome all.


Ko Whetumatarau te maunga

Whetumatarau is the mountain.

Ko Awatere te awa

Awatere is the river.

Ko Hinerupe te marae

Ko Te Whanau a Hinerupe te hapū

Hinerupe is the subtribe

Ko Ngāti Porou te iwi.

Ngāti Porou is the tribe.

Overnight Marae Stay

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Daytime Marae Experience

Discover the customs, traditions and heart of our community Nestled between the mountains and the sea, journey to our Marae in Te Araroa and discover the East Cape shores along the vast Pacific Ocean. Come to our unique gathering place, learn about…

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